Celebrating Isolda on Women’s Day! 💖  

Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance. Years ago, Isolda dreamed of creating something unique that reflected her connection with nature and her love for fashion and craftsmanship. With courage, she took the first step towards her vision, eventually founding Delaí Concept Store, a proposal that blends tradition and modernity in each creation (@delai.concept). 

What once was just an idea is now a tangible reality. Rooted in craftsmanship and fashion, this project has grown with her, becoming a natural extension of her being. With every piece, Isolda shares her art with the world, becoming a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of women.

On this Women’s Day, we honor Isolda and all the women following in her footsteps, creating, inspiring, and leaving an indelible mark. 

May their stories continue to inspire us 💚

This collaboration is thanks to IED.